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Do you have a large family? Have you ever gotten behind in doing the laundry?


Ever thought about coming to a laundromat?


We offer multiple sizes of large capacity washers and dryers for you to use. And you can use as many of them at one time as you want to, there’s no limit.


Imagine getting a weeks worth of your laundry done in about an hour. That would free up alot more of your time for other things.


Come on in to one of Jennys laundry spas and give us a try.

Just google jennys laundry spa for a location near you.

Make Laundry Easier with These Laundry Tips & Tricks

  1. Tip #1: Separate your clothes by color! At home

  2. Tip #2: Flip your clothes inside out. ...

  3. Tip #3: Read the washing care label. 

  4. Tip #4: Wash in Warm water. ...

  5. Tip #5: Don't over stuff the machines! You have to leave room for the water

  6. Tip #6: Adding the appropriate amount of soap is important. 

  7. Please READ your soap bottle instructions for the correct amount to use.

The new laundry soaps are concentrated now, so there's less water and more soap in each bottle.

Now if you accidently use too much soap, no problem add some liquid fabric softener or vinegar to the washer before its done rinsing and it will take out the extra soap from your clothes.

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